Training the K9 Way

Problem Solving and Behaviour Modification 

Typical behaviours clients will often ask for help with:

   - bolting out the front door

   - pulling on leash

   - counter-stealing

   - leash aggression

   - fears, phobias and anxieties

   - charging the front door with the sound of door      knocking

   - dog to dog aggression

   - obsessive behaviours

Training packages include 3 sessions - each being 2 hours in length.   

We will spend our sessions together working on what is important to you, and personal attention is given to your's and your family's goals.  I will demonstrate how to handle these situations and show you the success and then I coach you to do the same.  We will space out the sessions depending on the rate of your success and when you want to move on.  I am there for you for guidance in between these sessions via telephone or email.  You will receive a detailed summary of our lesson with exercises to work on and my suggestions and tips. These sessions do not expire and the cost can be divided up between our first 2 visits.

The cost for this package is $325