Training the K9 Way

Puppy-hood can be a long, long road if things are not done right from the beginning.  I can show you and your family how to solve typical puppy problems before they get out of hand.  Prevention is everything when raising a pup.  Be sure you are doing everything you can to end up with the dog of your dreams. Common issues with puppies include:

   - biting/nipping                  

   - crate training

   - house training

   - walking on the leash

   - socialization with other dogs

   - recalls

   - basic commands: "sit" "wait" "off" "come" "down"

   - prevention of resource guarding, territorial

      aggression, and excessive barking.      

Puppies will learn with or without you - show them what you expect of them.

Do not wait until your dog is 6 months old to start training - it should start the day you bring them home.  Anytime you are interacting with your puppy - you are training.

Puppies learn best in a reward-based training program - which means fun and positive reinforcement.  I will leave you with a complete puppy package including an outlined summary of our sessions and fun exercises to continue practicing with your puppy. 

In-home private training can include your entire family including young children.  

Puppy training packages include 3 sessions spaced out through the many stages of your puppy's 1st year.  I am here for you in between via telephone or email.