Training the K9 Way

The average age of surrendered dogs to shelters is between the ages of 8 - 16 months.  This is where my passion for training comes from - to keep these dogs in their home and out of the shelters.  The key to a great dog is prevention, rather than problem solving later, but know that no matter how "deep-seeded" the issues are, we can work with them.  
My training isn't about teaching verbal obedience commands - it is about working to have a dog who is welcome anywhere and a joy to be around.  Most people do not care that their dog can heel in the perfect position or do a 3 minute down-stay ... you want a dog that doesn't jump up on your guests when they arrive, a dog that doesn't dive for that piece of food that just fell,  and a dog that doesn't embarrass you out on a walk.  I want my dogs to enjoy their life and still be dogs.

Puppy Training and prevention. click here.

Problem Solving and Behaviour Modification, click here